Past Events by Pinnacle Seminars UK

The Joshis  June 2017 - London
"On the Level"
JOshis 2015crp 

Jan Scholten  November 2016 - London
"Wonderful Plants"
Jan Scholten 
Peter Tuminello May 2016 - London
"The Gems Within"

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The Joshis - June 2015 -  London

 Drs Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi    

The world of unknown mammal remedies

Examples of large, rare and unknown mammal patterns:  Giraffe, Antelope, and Bison, differentiated from similar pictures of various bovid, equid and other mammal remedies.

Plant and Mineral Comparisons

Contrasted with Rows 4, 5, 6 of the Periodic Table and plant remedies, with cases to illustrate.


London, 6 - 8 June 2014
meeting point 2014  With

Dr Sujit Chatterjee

Dr Dinesh Chauhan

Dr Mahesh Gandhi

Dr Jonathan Hardy

Nancy Herrick

Dr Bhawisha Joshi

Dr Massimo Mangialavori     

Roger Morrison

Misha Norland

Vega Rozenberg

Dr Rajan Sankaran

Dr Jan Scholten

Dr Jayesh Shah
Jeremy Sherr
Dr Annette Sneevliet
Dr Elizabeth Thompson
Dr Prafull Vijayakar
Professor George Vithoulkas

Rajan Sankaran - October 2013 - Holiday Inn, Regents Park London

 Rajan Sankaran  


More teachings in  the combined art, science and ‘genius’  of homeopathy

   "I have found this has given me the best results in 30 years of practice"  Dr Rajan Sankaran, The Synergy in Homeopathy


The Joshis - June 2013 -  London

 Drs Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi    

Remedies from Fish and Forest

  • Materia medica of fish remedies and new provings 
  • Mustelidae family - otters, badgers, weasels etc
  • Rodent and Rabbit families in close-up
  • Comparisons with the Periodic Table and one row in particular to which these families bear close resemblance.


Rajan Sankaran - March 2013 - Park Crescent Conference Centre, London

 Rajan Sankaran  


After twenty years taking us ever deeper into the nature of disease and healing, Dr Sankaran’s teachings have completed a full cycle in the evolution of the Sensation Approach. He will demonstrate, through live cases, how an integrated approach to case taking and analysis can help to match the deepest state of the patient.


Roger Morrisson and Nancy Herrick  - September 2012 - The School of Pharmacy, London

 Roger Morrison and Nancy Herrick  

The Carbons in Perspective

  • Carbons In the Context of Row 2
  • The Main Characteristics of Carbon Remedies as a Group
  • Characteristics of the Various Sub-Groups of Carbons (Alcohols, Terpenes, Nitrates, etc.


The Joshis - May 2012 - Regents College, London

 Drs Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi  

Mineral or mammal?  When it comes to questions of family and nurture, is it an animal/mammal/lac remedy or a mineral with nurturing issue and the characteristic lack? 


A wide range of cases to demonstrate remedies from the insect realm: Spiders, beetles, ants, wasps, cockroaches, mealy bugs. Remedies like coccus cacti, apis, blatta, formica, butterfly, etc.

Controversial issues in practice



Dr Dinesh Chauhan - March 2012 - The Kairos Centre, London

 Dr Dinesh Chauhan  

Listening and Witnessing

  • Attuning to the Child as the Purest Form of Energy
  • Witnessing the Child’s Unique Pattern in Health and Disease
  • The Womb Connection:

New and Scientific ways of Understanding the Mother’s History during Pregnancy

  • Connecting the Old and New in Classical Homeopathy



Drs Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi - May 2011 - Regent's College, London

Drs Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi
  • Two live cases.
  • Row six of the periodic table and the Lanthanides.
  • Exotic birds.
  • Certain plant families.
  • What constitutes the patient's state and what bearing if any do their story, situation or profession have on the prescription?


Drs Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi - Animal Imprints - May 2010 - School of African and Asian Studies

Joshis 2     

Characteristics from the most primitive creatures to mammals.

Differentiating these from Row 4 and certain plant families.

Nosodes and bacteria.

The compensated/uncompensated state w live case taking session.



Dr Jan Scholten - Jan Scholten on Stages -  March 2010 - The School of Pharmacy, London

Jan Scholten            

Jan Scholten's groundbreaking work on the stages of the periodic table adds another dimension to the study of mineral remedies.   His study of the vast plant kingdom has led to a similar map of stages as applied to plant families.

Jan's latest teachings on the mineral and plant kingdoms and the Secret Lanthanides.


Drs Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi - Case-taking Refined - June 2009 - Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, London

Drs Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi


How do we facilitate the patient’s journey and initiate the case taking in each new situation?  How to go through the various levels in a case, to break through from one level to the next?

What path do we take at a junction, when a patient has used a gesture and very important words?  When and how do we follow gestures? What questions to ask when you ask the patient do a drawing or a doodle? 

How to know when an image the patient has expressed is coming directly from the sensation or source?



Dr Sunil Anand - The Child's Perspective - March 2009  - Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, London.

Dr Sunil Anand   

‘When I was in Bombay, Sunil Anand gave a wonderful lecture on the Silver Series.  It was beautiful to see how he handled cases, a great learning experienceOne can see the influence of the Bombay Group in the depth of case taking and precision of finding the essence.  One can also see his refinement in how he handles the patients; instilling trust so they can open up.  As a result, the pictures are beautiful and clear.’ Jan Scholten



Drs Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi - The Non Human Song - June 2008 - Roots and Shoots, London

Drs Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi  

insight into the evolution of human patterns in the Periodic Table:

Comparing left and right of the Periodic Table

Comparing the Halogens and the Alkali metals (extreme right and left)

Indications of salts

Indication of individual elements



Dr Jayesh Shah - A Journey Deep Within - September 2008 - Roots and Shoots, London

Dr Jayesh Shah  

We will look at the importance of using the Vital Sensation as an approach to reaching the deepest levels in our case taking.

Dr Jayesh will share with us experiences where the case-taking process has been taken to such a  profound level and which will demonstrate the deepest holding patterns of the vital energy.

How do we create space which will allow such a journey to take place?



Dr Jayesh Shah - The Mineral Kingdom an Evolutionary Journey - October 2007 - The Kairos Centre, London

Dr Jayesh Shah  


What are the issues that shape and control the lives of those needing mineral remedies?  How are day to day issues and challenges seen and experienced?  What sort of language are we likely to hear?  Jayesh will take us on an evolutionary journey through the Periodic Table.



Dr Divya Chabra - Journey to the Pinnacle - April 2007 - The Kairos Centre, London

Dr Divya Chhabra   


Dr Divya Chhabra is known throughout the homeopathic world for her artistry in case taking, where she threads every symptom so beautifully to reach the core of the individual.




  • Drs Bhawisha and Shachindra JoshiTwo live cases.
  • Row six of the periodic table and the Lanthanides.
  • Exotic birds.
  • Certain plant families.
  • What constitutes the patient's state and what bearing if any do their story, situation or profession have on the prescription?