Dr Dinesh Chauhan

Dr Dinesh ChauhanDr Dinesh Chauhan is well known both internationally and in Mumbai for his insights into the case-taking – or case-witnessing – process and for his work with children.  He brings a rounded approach to perceptions of the whole person in health and disease and shows us how to reach the deepest core of the patient with relative ease. 

Dr Dinesh Chauhan  has lectured extensively in India as well as in Japan, New Zealand, Canada, England and Germany. His teaching style is gentle, humorous and inclusive, encouraging everyone to join in the discussion

He has published three books, his latest on case-witnessing with children. Reviews of his  book The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process: A Journey of Three Steps have been outstanding:

“ Dr. Dinesh's scientifically intuitive case witnessing process (a uniquely designed case taking model) helps the homoeopath reach the deepest core of the patient with relative ease. The entire process is completely scientific, human-centric, simple, and reproducible.”

"Dinesh´s art of case witnessing is like an Organon for the Sensation Method." Ulrike Schroeder

Dr Dinesh Chauhan's website: www.homeohome.com