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pinnacle seminars teamMission statement

Pinnacle Seminars was founded with the intention of promoting the Sensation Method within the UK, through the organisation of seminars, CPD days and workshops, and inviting teachers of the Method to share their experience and knowledge. 

These events are open to all homeopaths, and we welcome delegates from around the world.  We aim to present affordable events in a warm and welcoming environment, where the experience of all can be shared.

Pinnacle Seminars is organised by Penny Edwards, llana Dannheisser and Clare Lincoln.

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Our teachers

Drs Divya Chhabra, Jayesh Shah, Sunil Anand, Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi, have been working closely with Dr. Rajan Sankaran in Mumbai during the development of the Sensation  approach in Homeopathy. They have all taught internationally for many years, and have contributed to our knowledge and understanding through provings and outstanding case work.

Dr Jan Scholten is known internationally for his ground-breaking work on the understanding of remedies from the mineral kingdom, through his ‘group analysis’ theory.

We offer seminars and workshops in a method we feel provides a verifiable framework for the study and practice of homeopathy.  The advent of the Sensation Method has not only brought new insights into well known remedies but also  access to a universe of potential, enabling more precise prescribing.  It has been a journey in understanding what constitutes the patient's deepest patterning and the pointers leading us there. In the course of this much information has come to light  on the language and genre of the different kingdoms and how these vibrational fields take hold in each of us, colouring our perceptions and experience of life.