About the Sensation Method

Rajan SankaranThe Sensation method has evolved largely from the work of Dr Rajan Sankaran and his team of colleagues in Mumbai, India.

Those who have followed Dr Sankaran’s pioneering work will know how the method has grown from a well grounded knowledge of classical homeopathy and will appreciate his efforts to ensure that it remains firmly rooted in the tenets of homeopathic philosophy and classical practice.   

By studying the natural sources of our remedies, much has been learned about the characteristics of the different kingdoms from which they are derived, enabling more precise prescribing and giving greater insight into our materia medica.  This, and his new understanding of miasms have gone hand in hand with the emergence of the “Vital Sensation”, the key concept in case taking.  The Vital Sensation is seen to permeate every level of a person’s experience, the point at which mental, emotional and physical symptoms speak the same language.  It is here that we encounter the patient’s most profound patterning, and where deepest cure can take place.   

Much work continues to be done by Dr Sankaran and his colleagues in Mumbai to advance the understanding of this method and with its growing popularity,  this work is being taken up by homeopaths around the world.