Our Reviews


CW: Joshis were great the content and cases were excellent

EA: as usual The Joshis came with innovative ways to look at ways to approach healing. What we learned this past weekend makes a lot of sense. Joshis went beyond my expectations. I thought we would see a few more remedies and a few cases, they went beyond, they opened a new window to look at cases.

Suggestions for improvements? No, there is nothing to improve.

LA: I thought it was fantastic, so glad I was there I was fascinated throughout!

GG: Seminar content and lectures were excellent, cases and videos were very good, very clear, best aspect for me was the material medica content, but the seminar was excellent all round.

GJ: Ground breaking, far reaching, controversial, important subject matter. Best for me was content – which I think will take me considerably further down the road of continual improvement and understanding. It was superb – 200% - magnificent.  What more to say?

FM: Really good seminar there was a lot to be learned found their way of deciding on the animal different from the Sensation Method but nevertheless another way of looking at the case when it is impossible to take the patient to that level.  The Joshis are extremely generous with their knowledge and expertise and are so approachable. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and will attend any more they do here in the future.

JH: Brilliant content - really life-changing! I've been exploring animal themes with all my patients the last couple of days.  The cases were excellent, the teaching very clear and the pace was great. There was a good balance of watching the cases and the analysis and it worked very well some of the cases being abridged and just going through significant moments instead of the whole thing.  It was wonderfully organised and it's a great venue. Thanks so much for all your hard work in making it happen.

SS: It was amazing and soo much more than I expected! Hugely informative and really inspiring.  Well done all of you!!And thank you once more! Can’t wait for the next one.

TB: Excellent seminar, a really balanced feel of serious, professional with relaxed and friendly. Learning so much at a high level which was challenging and inspiring. Dinesh Chauhan was fantastic and so were the Joshis. Not sure how much better they can get.

SP: The amount of information with very thorough explanations and particularly the differentiation with other remedies.  Also showing how to get information from ‘closed’ patients was extremely useful.  I learn a lot more from cases like this, rather than the ones where they flow relatively easily to the sensation.  The organisation of the seminar was excellent!  Also, very clear directions to the venue, which is a must in my book.

VC: Excellent seminar, with lots of new ideas in treating patients who are stuck at certain levels of treatment. Cases were well chosen and well presented. Videos were excellent. I hope this excellent work continues to grow and prescribed to us again next year as promised. All the best wishes to the organizers and the Dr. Joshis.