Dr Sunil Anand

Pinnacle Seminar March 2009

Dr Sunil AnandDr. Anand has practised homoeopathy for the past 20 years and is especially recognised for his work in paediatrics, as was his father before him. The simplicity of his approach makes him an internationally acclaimed teacher and  seminars he has given have been widely attended both in India and abroad. He is associated with the CMP Homoeopathic Medical College in Mumbai and is presently an honorary visiting professor in DS Homoeopathic Medical College,  Pune.

Quote from Jan Scholten: ‘When I was in Bombay, Sunil Anand gave a wonderful lecture on the Silver Series.  It was beautiful to see how he handled cases, a great learning experienceOne can see the influence of the Bombay Group in the depth of case taking and precision of finding the essence.  One can also see his refinement in how he handles the  patients; instilling trust so they can open up.  As a result, the pictures are beautiful and clear.’

Dr. Sunil Anand is a great delight to study with. He presents his video cases and analysis with clarity and warmth. He carefully guides those studying with him through the important features of the case and brings the analysis together in a way that is simple yet very profound at the same time. Sunil is extremely accessible and answers questions with great integrity.’