Dr Jan Scholten

Pinnacle Seminar November 2016

Jan ScholtenJan Scholten is known internationally for his ground-breaking work on the understanding of remedies from the mineral kingdom, through his ‘group analysis’ theory. This has enabled greater clarity and precision when understanding a case, as well as breadth and depth of prescribing.  He has revolutionised our use of these remedies, especially the ‘hidden’ Lanthanides and Actinides, which were previously unheard of in our Materia medica.

Jan’s background includes the studies of chemistry, philosophy, medicine and acupuncture, as well as homeopathy. In 1985, he decided to concentrate on homeopathy. He began his research into increasing the number of remedies one could use to prescribe, by extending his understanding of ‘small’ remedies. This led to his thinking in terms of groups or ‘familieis’,  and the discovery of the patterns inherent in the periodic table, the characteristics of the rows and the columns. Rajan Sankaran has dedicated his book Structure, Experiences with the Mineral Kingdom (2 volumes) to Jan,  “…in acknowledgement and appreciation of his cardinal contribution to the understanding of the mineral kingdom.”

Jan’s publications include Homeopathy and Minerals, Homeopath and the Elements, Secret Lanthanides, Repertory of the Element and Minerals in Plants.  He has also founded the foundation, Stichting Alonnissos, which promotes homeopathy by the publication of books, organizing seminars, promoting research and supporting clinics.

Alonnissos is the publisher of Jan's books.