Dr Divya Chabra

Pinnacle Seminar April 2007

Dr Divya ChhabraDr Chhabra is a charismatic and popular teacher, who brings alive the materia medica through her cases. She is known for her in depth case taking, her use of the circle theory and free association technique, provings, work on potencies, and the technique of arriving at the confluence point of the case.

She has lectured in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Greece, the Slovakia Republic, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada.

Remedy provings include Magnesia sulphurica, Thea, Citrus, Lac Felinum, Lac Rhesus, Tungsten, Lac Defloratum, Lac Humanum, Eagle, and Bat. She has also conducted a potency proving with two well-proven polycrest remedies, Calcarea carbonicum and Natrum muriaticum, in potencies from 30 to 50 M.